All children must be pre-registered prior to attending childcare. Childcare is offered to siblings of enrolled students and staff children.
Young children playing with trains

Mission Statement

At the BCA Childcare, we believe in the value and uniqueness of each child we serve. Our childcare experience is designed to promote each child’s own individual social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. As caregivers and educators, our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural desire to explore, discover, create, and become a lifelong learner.


  • Morning:
    • 9:00 - 11:55 AM
    • Snack 10:00 - 10:30 AM
    • Dismissal 11:55 AM
  • CLOSED for lunch: 12:05 - 12:50 PM (Please respect this time for the staff to have lunch and prep for the afternoon.)
  • Afternoon:
    • 1:00 - 3:55 PM
    • Snack 2:00 - 2:30 PM
    • Dismissal 3:55 PM


Children must be registered to attend the BCA childcare/preschool program. To register, please fill out the online childcare registration form. BCA has a set child-to-teacher ratio in each classroom; so, it is important to resubmit a registration form if a child's schedule changes and they wish to attend a different class time. BCA does not guarantee the availability of preferred class times or services.
ONLY siblings of enrolled students can utilize BCA childcare program.

To help staff get to know your child. We ask that the primary caregiver fills out a "Get Acquainted Form" once approved for enrollment.

Getting ready for your child's first day:

Dress: Please make sure your child comes to childcare with a bag labeled with the child's name containing a complete set of clothes; in case they get muddy or have an accident. This includes weather-appropriate garments, underwear/diapers, and socks.
Toys: Please leave your toys at home unless it is a specified "Show and Tell" day. BCA will not be responsible for any lost or broken toys that your child brings with them to childcare.
  • Please provide your child with a water bottle or water-tight cup.
  • BCA provides a limited amount of snacks including; puffs (for young babies), goldfish crackers, and pretzels. BCA recommends families come prepared with a snack. BCA does not provide snacks for specific dietary needs or preferences at this time.
BCA is a peanut-free center. Please do not send peanut butter or peanuts for your child's snack. If children have consumed nut products prior to class please instruct them to wash their hands prior to interacting with shared objects.
Buzzers: At BCA, parents are required to stay on campus while their child is in childcare. We will give each family a buzzer at the time of drop-off. We ask that all families keep their buzzers on them at all times.
Sign in/out: Each day, please remember to sign your child in and out.
Behavior: We will do our best to redirect a child that is not exhibiting appropriate behavior. Usually, that is all it takes to get a child back on track with their class. The teacher will give a child two chances to correct the behavior, the third time, the teacher will sit the child in a safe place within the classroom or area away from the other children. The child will then be asked to take a couple of minutes and relax. They will be offered a book or some other quiet activity. After they have had a couple of moments to relax, the teacher will then ask the child if they are ready to join the group and continue with the class activity. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, the teacher will contact the parent/caregiver either by buzzer or phone and ask that you take your child away from the childcare. Your child may return (depending on time) if you feel the child has relaxed and is ready to play calmly for the remainder of the cohort time. Please keep in mind if the behavior is threatening to the teacher or other children and the teacher feels that it is not safe, they will immediately contact the parent/caregiver to take the child out of the classroom.
Accident/Incident Reports:
  • When an accident occurs, BCA staff will fill out an accident report and provide a family member a copy at the time of pickup.
  • BCA also uses Incident reports. Incident reports are for the child that may have caused an accident, such as biting another child or tossing a toy that accidentally hurt someone.
  • In case of a major emergency, BCA staff will follow protocol for the emergency situation. We ask that parents not remove their kids from the premises, but rather rejoin them in the secure area.
  • Classroom Rules:
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Instructions need to be followed
    • Do have fun
    • Say only kind things
Fire drills/Safety drills: We practice fire drills as well as other safety drills each month. To ensure the teachers keep an accurate count for these drills, please allow your child to stay with the class they have signed into. You are welcome to join them during the drill if you prefer.
Sickness: When sickness occurs, we do our best to prevent it from spreading to other children. If your child is sick or showing signs of not feeling well, please be courteous to our staff and other children and keep them with you during cohort time. Below are the criteria for exclusion from childcare. If an illness begins during Cohort, your child’s teacher or the Director will contact you either by beeper or phone.
Reasons to keep your child out of care:
  • Fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.
  • A runny nose that is needing to be wiped frequently.
  • An unexplained rash.
  • Teething pain.
  • If your child is acting differently, needing more hugs, or is extra clingy, please keep them with you.
Staff/Childcare Concerns: We do our best to ensure safety and fun each day. Please let the childcare coordinator, Melody, know if you have any concerns or recommendations by emailing her at [email protected]