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Bridge Charter Academy is a FREE public charter school, designed to serve remote students.
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To inspire a curiosity and love for wisdom that produces a life-long learner with purpose and direction in life.

Mission Statement

To maximize parental involvement for students through personalized learning that is rigorous, adaptive, and motivating to produce college and vocational readiness.

Program Requirements

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  • To ensure student(s) attend their scheduled weekly cohorts (in person or virtually) prepared and on time.
  • To daily monitor and verify my studentโ€™s work.
  • To allow the Learning Coordinator to monitor and verify all curriculum and subjects.
  • To adhere to the agreed-upon Planned Course of Study and inform the Learning Coordinator of proposed changes.
  • To read the weekly email every Monday.
  • To have my student(s) complete a daily Edmodo Check-in (approx. 15 min).
  • To adhere to the Student Growth Plan if my child is more than one grade level behind and not on track to make one yearโ€™s worth of academic progress.
  • To adhere to the agreed upon Planned Course of Study and Pacing Guide and partner with Learning Coordinators in all changes.


  • To have my student(s) (grades 3-8 and 11th) take the required SBAC assessment (or complete opt-out by due date).
  • To have my student(s) (K-8) complete all required iReady assessments (no opt-out available) and one iReady personalized instruction sessions (Math or Reading) weekly (approx 15 min. each).

Additional Policy:

  • To return all non-consumable check-outs, technology, and library checkouts in good condition by the end of the school year or upon my withdrawal from the school.
  • To only use allotment funds for educational purposes as approved by Bridge Charter School Administration


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